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Highly wear resistant cylinder rod coating for industrial and civil engineering applications

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24.06.2017 10:01


Bosch Rexroth, the leading company in hydraulic cylinders and electro-hydraulic and electro-mechanic actuators, introduces its highly wear resistant Enduroq 1 coating, the latest in its series of single layer coatings.

Aimed at civil engineering and industrial applications, Enduroq 1 is based on a laser cladding technology developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer institute, Europe's largest application-oriented research organization. Laser cladding enables faster production of coatings with more flexibility in materials, compared to traditional arc welding (PTA) process. 

Enduroq 1 is a very wear resistant layer made by welded overlay of stainless steel powder, making use of laser cladding technology. It supersedes traditional coatings, providing a replacement layer for chrome and nickel/chrome coatings. Enduroq 1 is produced by Rexroth in-house using a complete, controlled process, ensuring the high quality and robustness necessary for demanding applications.

“We implemented this new coating process to obtain more flexibility in applying protective rod coatings, also anticipating on a prohibition on the use of Chromium 6 after 2017, which is currently being used to produce Nickel-Chrome and Chrome layers,” said Michiel Kuijper. “We have worked closely with the Fraunhofer Institute to develop the new laser-based process. And, drawing on our long experience with tribology, we again achieved the right tribological system of coating, fluid and seals for this new layer.”

Enduroq 1 has no porosity and zero permeability, guaranteeing long lasting surface protection. This means minimal downtime, along with easier maintenance in the field. “Our release of the wear-resistant Enduroq 1 follows the introduction of the Enduroq 3 corrosion-resistant layer earlier this year,” said Michiel Kuijper. “It offers engineers a replacement layer for chrome and nickel/chrome coatings, at the same base price but with less pollution. Perfect for civil engineering applications.“

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