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Bosch Rexroth to supply Fjord Maritime with world´s first plug-in hybrid power management systems for fish feed barges

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31.01.2019 10:11


Norway-based company Fjord Maritime has ordered 10 hybrid power management systems at Bosch Rexroth for application onboard of fish feed barges. The plug-in systems significantly reduce generator running times, cutting fuel consumption up to 60% and considerably reducing emission rates. Total cost of ownership will run down.

Working closely together, Fjord Maritime and Bosch Rexroth have developed this innovative plug-in hybrid power system. Rexroth has provided the drive and control technology, software and expertise for development of the first complete systems that are now in operation, and is asked by the Norwegian company to supply additional 10 integral systems, either mobile containerized or vessel integrated, with the commitment for another 10 systems.


Mainly based on Rexroth’s in-house manufactured IndraDrive ML frequency drives and XM controllers, the systems are able to reduce diesel generator running times with up to 80%, therewith significantly reducing fuel consumption and emission rates. The reduced amount of running hours of the generators, also results in less noise for people working on the barge, and in reduced service and maintenance costs. For new build barges “Many diesel-driven micro grids, such as the mentioned fish feed systems, are in essence over-dimensioned, in order to deal with start-up currents or so called energy peaks” Arnold Krielen explains, Sales Manager at Bosch Rexroth in the Netherlands. “By adding this power management system to an onboard power grid, the diesel generators will charge the batteries with their excess capacity. The diesel engine can be shut down and the systems runs solely on battery power, thus significantly reducing fuel consumption and generator running hours. The batteries also support in case of peak power demands, reducing the power demand or even allow for smaller diesel generators.”

As all diesel-driven micro grids are subject to environmental and emission regulations and these intelligent power management and energy storage systems can also be implemented in larger grid powered systems, Bosch Rexroth believes this solution can bring benefits to much more industries and applications. “These intelligent power management systems with energy storage can bring big advantages to other markets too” Bosch Rexroth Expert Engineer Sander Boeijen adds. “Especially at facilities or in applications with irregular power demands, with critical processes where safety has priority or where a loss of power forms a major risk, such as hospitals. In combination with biomass, solar and wind energy highly efficient, flexible and balanced sustainable hybrid power systems can be realized.”

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