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Connected automation across the board

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30.01.2018 9:11


With the latest expansion of the Connected Automation range, Bosch Rexroth will introduce six comprehensive solution programs at the SPS IPC Drives.

The IoT Gateway software V2 allows for tailor-made introduction to the IoT for both new and existing machines. The PR, VR, DR industrial PC platform supplies cost-efficient hardware power for increasingly complex control tasks. The drives solution area presents new drive options including single-cable servo motors with ATEX-conformity and Safety on Board. The CNC system MTX offers advantages for machining and forming. In the Motion Control area, visitors can experience the new version of the Motion-Control system MLC with new functions for robotics, PLC and machine safety and the vacuum-compatible Flexible Transport System FTS.

Within the PLC (Programmable Logic Control) and IoT solution program, Bosch Rexroth shows how both new and existing machines can become efficient, purposefully transparent and connected. The IoT Gateway software V2 offers many new connectivity options for this purpose, including the wireless connection of Bosch XDK and CISS sensors or recording controller data via OPC DA and other third-party control systems such as Beckhoff CX and Allen Bradley/Rockwell ControlLogix. In addition to the high-performance embedded control XM from Rexroth, industrial PCs are also available as hardware options – particularly the new IPC generation PR based on Linux – with WiFi, USB and HDMI interfaces, among other things. The Device Portal – a joint development by Rexroth and Bosch Connected Industry – makes it possible to centrally and securely manage distributed infrastructures as well as setup, configuration and remote maintenance.

The industry PC generation PR, VR, DR meets the increased hardware requirements for more complex tasks, including i4.0. The range of box and panel PCs and displays, which are scalable for lower and medium power ranges, sets new standards with their new processors in terms of software functionality, connectivity and flexibility. Additionally, minimal investment costs and maintenance-free design improve cost efficiency. In addition, Bosch Rexroth guarantees that the hardware will be in use until at least 2027.

Bosch Rexroth’s drive range for middle strength is completed by the self-cooled, iron-core linear motors ML3. The high-torque synchronous servo motor MS2N addresses demanding tasks with SafeMotion, with an integrated encoder in the SIL3 PLe category. The MS2E series with ATEX conformity according to device group II, category 3G/3D, is suitable for environments with explosive gases and dusts.

For the CNC systems, the new version 14 of the MTX provides functions for machining, forming or 3D printing. With up to 60 independent channels, 250 simultaneously controlled axes and full OPC-UA server/client functionality, it sets the global benchmark for the shortest PLC and CNC cycle times and i4.0 communication.

The new version 14 of the Motion-Control system MLC controls over 1,000 synchronized drives within microseconds and to nanometer precision, when required. It offers an extensive Motion Library for machines and processes, as well as full connectivity for IoT, Multi-Ethernet, I/O, Vision and third-party solutions. Other innovations include the high-performance embedded control YM and the vacuum-suitable Flexible Transport System FTS. The FTS is intended for a range of applications such as mounting and handling, battery production and semiconductor production. Furthermore, Bosch Rexroth presents its market-leading control for resistance welding.

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