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Bosch Rexroth opens China's first Industry 4.0 Innovation Center in Chengdu

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11.11.2017 10:11


Bosch Rexroth opened China’s first Innovation Center focusing on digital and connected industry in Chengdu. The company demonstrates how Rexroth's solutions for Industry 4.0 significantly enhance processes in production from retrofit to the factory of the future. At the same time, Chinese experts learn how to implement the innovative approaches.

The new center in Chengdu was officially opened by Chen Yudong, President of the Bosch Group in China, and Fowai Lau, Managing Director of Bosch Rexroth China. In an area of 3500 square meters up to 200 training participants are able to expand their knowledge. "With this facility, Bosch helps more professionals to realize the opportunities of connected manufacturing in China. We strengthen local competence and offer trainees the opportunity to benefit from the rich expertise of Bosch Rexroth China and the Bosch Group, " said Chen Yudong during the grand opening.

The Innovation Center offers courses in quality management, production management, supply chain management and Industry 4.0 solutions. Participants can choose between 20 different subcategories. The Bosch Rexroth i4.0 Innovation Center advocates hands-on training and allows to work with i4.0 products such as the smart production line on-site.

"As manufacturing moves more and more toward industry 4.0, there is an increasing need for professionals with experience," Lau said, emphasizing the importance of the new facility. Local needs have to be considered though. "To be able to offer turnkey solutions tailored to the Chinese market, the right professionals are a key factor," Lau stated. Bosch Rexroth, a pioneer in Industry 4.0, is one of the driving forces behind this development in China. This is also the result of collaboration with numerous local companies, for example in Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Beijing and Shenzhen. The company provides training, consulting and turnkey solutions for retrofit as well as new investments up to the factory of the future. In addition to its own training academy, Bosch Rexroth has set up a German-Chinese "Industry 4.0" showroom and training center together with partners.

"We are very pleased to share our experience with Chinese manufacturers. In doing so, we want to help them to solve their current pain points as well as support their future development, "emphasized Lau. Additional knowledge and experience in the field of Industry 4.0 is a basis for the development of future products. Bosch Rexroth wants to support Chinese manufacturers with tailor-made solutions.

During a first training course, the guests of the opening ceremony experienced the role "Bosch Lean Production" plays in the context of Industry 4.0. It presented the connection of different devices through data exchange via the Internet of Things. The guests also learned how the analysis of large amounts of data on top of automation pave the way to intelligent manufacturing. In a demonstration, participants had the opportunity to steer

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