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Kalmar introduces new range of G-Generation top loaders with improved fuel efficiency

07.10.2020 9:22


Kalmar, part of Cargotec, is introducing a new range of G-Generation top loaders with improved hydraulics, fuel consumption and operator ergonomics.

Top loaders are typically used in container terminals for moving loaded containers from trailers to a stack or vice versa and are the preferred choice where selectivity is a higher priority than high container density. 

The G-Generation top loaders, which replace the previous F-Generation range, feature a variable hydraulic lifting system, which provides exactly the right amount of lifting power based on the weight of the load, meaning the driver does not have to rev the engine while lifting.

“The variable hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption and emissions by up to 10%; further savings are enabled by a more efficient driveline and a lock-up gearbox that uses the engine’s power more efficiently,” says David Malmström, Business Development Manager, Kalmar Forklift Trucks.

The new G-Generation top loader can also be delivered with Kalmar’s Eco Drive feature, which can cut fuel consumption and emissions by a further 15%.To minimise downtime, the new-generation machines have improved diagnostics, an optimised chassis and fewer moving parts and components. Maintenance is also quicker, easier and more cost-effective thanks to easily accessible service points and extended service intervals.

“The G-Generation top loader represents a significant advance in terms of driver ergonomics and productivity,” continues Malmström. “Customers can also benefit from increased safety through upgrade options such as a reverse warning system, tire pressure monitoring and additional lighting.”

“The new electrical system continuously controls and checks the condition of connected subsystems such as the engine and gearbox,” says Andreas Cortelius, Product Manager, Kalmar Forklift Trucks. The ergonomically designed cabin with improved visibility and fully adjustable steering wheel, seat and control panels makes the driving experience safer and less stressful,” he adds.

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