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Calculation program for Linear Motion Technology with new functions and greater ease of operatio

30.08.2020 11:00


Since 2008, the Linear Motion Designer has been the first choice when it comes to calculating and dimensioning Rexroth Linear Motion Technology components – and it is being improved all the time. The latest version of the software tool also allows you to dimension linear bushings and, thanks to new functions, enables you to do so even more quickly and conveniently. The Linear Motion Designer is thus an important part of Rexroth’s digital engineering and procurement chain. 

Quick, attractive, compact: The updated Linear Motion Designer offers new features for even greater versatility and an application-oriented dimensioning process for profiled rail systems, screw drives and, from now on, linear bushings too.

New selection aids and functions

Thanks to clever selection aids, the user is given even better guidance when dimensioning components and can find a suitable solution more quickly. One example is the selection aid for runner blocks: Once the user has entered all data which are relevant to the calculation, they can use criteria such as the sector and application to specify the future area of use in more detail. On the basis of this information, a preferred runner block is suggested and this block can then be used immediately in the dimensioning process. Predefined movement profiles also allow details of the dynamic cycle to be entered more quickly. Users merely need to specify the stroke and the time and are given results which are precisely tailored to their needs. 

The Linear Motion Designer is helpful when it comes to error avoidance too – when the required service life or total travel distance is entered, it shows only the runner blocks that can achieve these conditions mathematically.

Another new feature: Users can bring up details of the lubrication intervals and lubricant quantities for the selected profiled rail systems and screw drives.

Seamless connection to configurator

The configuration of screw drives too is improved on a permanent basis. After all, a suitable bearing unit for ends along with a nut and screw can now be selected via the Linear Motion Designer during dimensioning. As a result, a product catalog is no longer required when switching to the configurator. The user thus gets a complete screw drive unit even more quickly.

The latest version of the Linear Motion Designer is rounded off with a revised calculation guide with basic information regarding linear motion technology and an automatic update function which ensures that the tool is always up to date.

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