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Transparent with a perfect flow

02.08.2020 11:00


Produced using 3D sand core printing, the new hydraulic manifold for channel balers features a complementary condition monitoring concept. The inner geometry, which was optimized via simulation, helps system end-users to achieve an entirely new level of productivity, while the additive manufacturing of manifolds opens up new opportunities for manufacturers when integrating machines and functions. The individual manifolds complement Bosch Rexroth’s conventional range of products for channel balers, scrap shears and scrap presses.

With the help of additive manufacturing, Bosch Rexroth produces manifolds with individual inner geometries and without right-angled deflections resulting in optimum flow conditions. Consequently, pressure losses, cavitation and noise emissions can be reduced to a minimum. The weight reduction of up to 30 percent and the resulting smaller footprint allow a more compact machine design because the manifold fits optimally into the available space. 

At the same time, the wider geometric options allow previously external components to be integrated even in tight spaces. Having the entire hydraulic system in the form of a single assembly reduces the outlay for installation, piping and service. 

Condition monitoring for manifolds

The new condition monitoring concept for manifolds brings extra productivity for the user. The software module works with control systems from various manufacturers and visualizes not only the circuit diagram but also the status of valves. Operators of channel balers and other hydraulic applications are therefore able to monitor the relevant machine function, analyze errors immediately and restore availability more quickly.

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