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Certified Marine Repair Center opened in Istanbul and Singapore

29.07.2020 11:11


Following the exceedingly positive experience with its own Marine Repair Centers in Central Europe (Hamburg, DE), Asia (Shanghai, CN and Busan, KR) and North America (Houston, US), Bosch Rexroth now has a local presence in the Mediterranean area (Istanbul, TR) and Southeast Asia (Singapore, SG). The repair centers are consequently oriented towards the special needs of the shipping industry. Internal supply chains and warehousing close to the port (maximum 24-hour transport route) ensure the availability of certified parts at competitive prices. Inspection and maintenance routines in accordance with classification requirements and specially trained personnel ensure compliance with the strict specifications of the classification societies.

For large 2-stroke marine diesel engines in particular, FIVA valves and pumps are system-critical parts - an unscheduled docking period is associated with enormous costs. With the concentrated marine competence in the licensed repair centers close to the most important ports worldwide, Bosch Rexroth can offer its globally active marine customers the necessary work including authorized test reports 'just-in-time': during two weeks in dry dock, for example, three to five pumps can be overhauled in five working days. 

Top service at a fixed price

With its comprehensive marine know-how, Bosch Rexroth is currently the only supplier that can guarantee the certified repair and maintenance of hydraulic components at this top level worldwide. 

Customers benefit from the special infrastructure and a comprehensive lifecycle service concept for Rexroth components: one contact for all tasks worldwide, global service network with its own supply chain, use of Rexroth original parts, Rexroth "Back to New" warranty, compliance with all specifications of engine manufacturers and classification societies, maximum flexibility even for downstream requirements such as packaging or taking over customs clearance.

To make service costs more calculable and efficient, Rexroth offers these services globally at fixed prices. Customers can choose individually between different service packages (Overhaul Flat, Overhaul Light), combinations with special REMAN and upgrading packages are also possible in the Rexroth Marine Repair Centers. All around the proven A4VSO pumps, of which more than 10,000 are in use worldwide, or the FIVA valves designed for more than 250 million load changes, efficient predictive maintenance is thus ensured at all times - and maximum operational readiness of the ships.

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