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Linear Motion Technology: update for runner block and guide rail configurator

18.07.2020 12:00


With the new versions of its configurators, Bosch Rexroth makes user guidance easier and the configuration process even more intuitive than it was before.

The links to the online catalog and the Rexroth e-shop ensure that orders are processed quickly. At the same time, info buttons in both configurators provide useful information and help.

Runner block configurator: Now including integrated measuring systems 

Thanks to the new design and numerous functional updates, users can reach their goal even more quickly. Icons such as GoTo or Top Seller show the quickest way to a suitable product, including its availability in the warehouse. The clear symbols also show if a user is outside the standard. In these cases, the OPT (Optional) icon indicates that the price and delivery time for the chosen product combinations may change. 

Ball runner and roller runner blocks with an integrated measuring system can now be configured too. The tools which were previously separate were combined during the update, thus saving constructors valuable time. For ball runner blocks, the new IMScompact magnetic measuring system can also be integrated. In terms of the products available, double-lipped seals for ball runner blocks are now available in size 15.

Guide rail configurator: Additional machining now possible

The updated configurator for guide rails also takes into account the new, particularly space-saving IMScompact measuring system. With one-piece standard roller or standard ball guide rails, additional machining steps can also be defined in the configurator. Options such as additional mouting holes, pin holes or front-side threads can be specified via a visual representation. This function makes the guide rail configurator unique anywhere in the world. Also new: for multi-piece rails (ball and roller guide rails), asymmetric impacts can also be selected as a category. 

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