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IMScompact: guidance and measuring requiring no additional space

02.04.2020 17:01


With its sensor system completely integrated in the ball runner block, the new IMScompact integrated measuring system determines the exact position with a high repetition accuracy of ± 1 µm. IMScompact enhances the range of linear guides with integrated measuring systems from size 15, making the measuring system for ball rail systems a compact and cost-effective extension for smaller machines. The integration into the runner block ensures high EMC protection, which means IMScompact is also suitable for use in combination with linear motors. The measuring system is not subject to wear and either incremental or absolute. It increases precision and dynamics, particularly for handling applications or general automation solutions. 

IMScompact determines the position of the runner block by means of non-contact measurement with an absolute precision of ± 20 µm per meter and a repetition accuracy of ± 1 µm at speeds of up to 5 m/s. For this purpose, magnetic tape is stuck in and fixed along the entire length of the linear guide. The runner block’s steel body shields the integrated encoder against magnetic interference like a Faraday cage, allowing the integrated measuring system to provide exact values even in combination with linear motors. Its contact-free, zero-wear measuring principle and its insensitivity towards dust, impact and vibrations make the IMScompact particularly durable. Its dimensions are the same as those of standard systems, except for the cable outlet on the side of the runner block, which means it can be integrated into existing designs without changes to the construction. Complete integration into the runner block makes additional attachments unnecessary, reducing system costs and avoiding interfering contours. 

The measuring system is equipped with an incremental 1Vpp or TTL interface and an absolute SSI encoder interface. The measuring length is up to 17,8 m with several rail sections. oand commissioning are facilitated by the use of standard components. The linear guides are configured online with IMScompact. While the absolute version is always delivered with a connector, users can specify if they want an open cable end for the incremental variant. The cable works with cable track chains and cable length is freely selectable. As an accessory, Bosch Rexroth offers an external digital display, which can be used, for example, to measure component lengths in fixture construction.

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