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Greater flexibility for ergonomic workstations

05.10.2019 10:00


Rexroth is improving its range of products for ergonomic workstations across two categories. The new lifting modules boast push forces of 1,000, 1,600 and 3,200 N and are each available with three different stroke lengths of between 350 and 500 mm to choose from. This means that even heavy-duty structures can be put together at manual workstations.

Thanks to their high pull forces and impressive stability in the event of lateral forces, the modules can be used for a broad range of applications. The new SL LED economic system lamp is an ergonomic and particularly cost-effective solution for lighting workstations intended for assembly and packing operations. 

Three loads and three strokes – the perfect solution for every application

Modern workstations have to cope with new sets of requirements due to increasingly flexible production with changing products, varying operations and alternating employees. As such, only height-adjustable workstations are able to provide each and every employee with an ergonomic workspace. Rexroth has designed nine versions of its lifting modules to enable users to execute every application efficiently. As three versions with different push forces are available, with three different stroke lengths to choose from, we have the right module with the right dimensions for any lifting application. 

The lifting modules feature high lifting speeds of up to 25 mm/s, a maximum overturning moment lengthwise of up to 500 Nm and a pull force of up to 1,600 N. This means that workstations can be flexibly adapted and adjusted. When the workspace is lifted up, the high pull force holds the entire substructure in place. Installation and operation are straightforward and standardized. Connected lifting modules can be controlled in parallel with the relevant control and an optional distributor. The slim design of the hand switch, which features a display and four memory buttons, makes operating them a breeze. 

Increased efficiency on account of ergonomic LED light

Ergonomic lighting conditions have a significant impact on employees’ well-being. The right lighting can improve their motivation, performance, effectiveness and happiness at work. Optimum illuminance and color temperature are required and strong contrast, glare and reflection must be prevented in order to achieve ergonomic lighting. DIN EN 12 464 governs compliance with these criteria.

Rexroth’s new SL LED economic system lamp is a compact and reasonably priced plug-and-play solution for helping to ensure that workstations are ergonomically set up. Two versions are available: the 580-mm long SL 12 LED economic for workstations with a width of up to 1,000 mm and the 870-mm long SL 12 LED economic wide for workstations with a width of up to 1,600 mm. In addition to excellent value for money, users also benefit from the LEDs’ low energy consumption and the long service life of at least 50,000 hours. The SL LED economic ensures that work can be carried out free from glare thanks to a matte finish and a 60° beam angle.

The new Rexroth system lamp is considerably more compact than the previous model but still just as robust to enable it to be used for heavy assembly work and in workstations intended for packing operations. It is easy to install, whether individually or linked via the optional T-plug.

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