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New dynamics improve shot technology - Rexroth´s high-response directional cartridge valves switch faster than comparable solutions on the market

01.09.2019 11:11


In comparison to other models on the market, Rexroth’s redeveloped 2WRCE-4X high-response directional cartridge valves achieve the required flow in the shortest actuating time. As injection valves, they improve the “shot” (the key process that decisively influences the quality of die-cast components) in die casting machines thanks to improved dynamics and repetition accuracy even in the case of large flows. The optimized housing and piston geometries enable larger flows meaning that one size smaller can be used in many applications. 

The dynamic latest-generation directional cartridge valves control the smooth start-up and achievement of the specified speed for phase 1 of the injection process in high resolution. For the actual shot, the valve opens in one step and accelerates the cylinder within just a few milliseconds. 

When the holding pressure builds up after the shot, the highly dynamic directional cartridge cartridge valves reduce the time for the pressure build-up and improve the accuracy of the pressure control. 

The pilot-operated valves with integrated digital control electronics communicate with the superior machine control via a multi-Ethernet interface for popular real-time Ethernet protocols. As such, machine manufacturers can take advantage of all the benefits of field bus technology for commissioning, operations and diagnosis. They can also improve speed control and pressure control in existing hydraulic systems.

The valves are designed for robust applications in die casting machines and to withstand temperatures of up to +60°C. They manage all position, pressure, force and speed control-related tasks.

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