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Variable-speed pump drives: Designed to reduce power consumption by up to 80%

08.08.2019 11:11


Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important issue for end users of die casting machines. Manufacturers of these machines can reduce the power consumption of the hydraulics by up to 80% with Rexroth's Sytronix variable-speed pump drives. At the same time, thanks to decentralized intelligence, they are able to turn functions, which were previously carried out hydraulically, over to the software. Furthermore, Sytronix products can be incorporated with open interfaces into increasingly connected production environments. 

Under partial load conditions, Sytronix variable-speed pump drives reduce the motor revolutions in line with demand and considerably lower power consumption. They also reduce average noise emissions by up to 20 dB(A). This in turn often means that secondary noise control measures are no longer needed. The Sytronix range owes its effectiveness to perfectly synchronized combinations of drives, motors and pumps and pre-defined controllers in the software. 

There are over 100 pre-defined sets covering a very broad performance range. Two versions are particularly well suited to die casting machines. The Sytronix DFEn uses pre-defined p/Q control systems in order to convert the installed motor power into swift movements or powerful pressing processes in line with demand. The variable displacement pump takes on a gear function. 

The Sytronix SvP achieves extremely dynamic performance and closed-loop accuracy thanks to synchronous servo motors with a permanent magnet and servo control. They cover an extremely wide range of functionalities: from pressure control and closed-loop pressure flow control right through to closed-loop position control and force control. 

The functions are already pre-defined in the software in all versions and only need to be parameterized. Software assistants guide users logically through commissioning thus making the whole process less time consuming. Sytronix products communicate with various different machine controls and superior IT systems via a multi-Ethernet interface for popular real-time Ethernet protocols.

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