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Highly dynamic active logic for use in die casting machines

01.07.2019 11:00


The actively controlled LC2A check valve for the pressure range up to 500 bar closes within just 10 to 20 ms which is faster than all solutions available on the market. In the injection process of die casting machines it ensures a swifter transition from “shot” to “holding pressure” and hence guarantees consistently high quality even in the case of components with a complex geometry. 

In hydraulic systems for die casting machines, conventional passive check valves don’t close until the pressure intensifier has been started. The LC2A check valve from Rexroth lays the foundations for an optimal transition from shot to holding pressure on account of the highly dynamic way in which it closes. As a result, manufacturers can control the holding pressure with considerably more repetition accuracy and increase the quality of the end products. 

The LC2A valves can be optimally combined with the equally highly dynamic 2WRCE-4X directional cartridge valves which Rexroth has optimized for this application. The LC2A enables subsequent requirements, such as position monitoring, to be met with minimal effort thanks to position switches which can be retrofitted and require no adjustment.

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