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Sense, connect, detect: The new sensor component for the factory of the future

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08.06.2019 11:11


Sensors are the sensory organs of the Factory of the Future, the data that they collect are the raw material for continuous process improvement and equipment effectiveness. But how can data be collected for the many upcoming IoT projects at a reasonable cost?

For example, with the SCD sensor (Sense Connect Detect), in the development of which Bosch's expertise in sensor production and Bosch Rexroth's automation experience have been incorporated. The SCD can be easily attached to the desired component and records, visualizes and stores data quickly and without programming effort. 

Digital multimeter for ad-hoc analyses

Thanks to multi-sensor technology, the SCD collects different data simultaneously and transfers them wirelessly to an app for the immediate analysis of weak points. The broad field of application for this digital multimeter ranges from machine commissioning and the production phase right through to servicing and it boasts an extremely large number of potential applications, ranging from shock and current detection and the recording of vibration profiles or gradual temperature profiles right through to the identification or temporary logging of a warning light status.

The wireless sensor, which is no bigger than a matchbox, can be quickly and easily fixed in position on the object to be monitored (e.g. a motor, pump or valve) using cable ties or its own self-adhesive properties. Any production process already underway will therefore not be affected at all.

Analyzable data in a matter of minutes 

The SCD simplifies the way that IoT professionals collect, save and visualize data – namely at short notice and without any programming whatsoever. As soon as it has been activated, the sensor provides measured values for temperature, acceleration, magnetic field/current and light – and with highly frequent data collection where necessary. The related app takes just a few minutes to install meaning that quality-critical abnormalities in production operations become immediately visible. The measured values can also be exported into an Excel file for further assessment and documentation.

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