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New generation of flow sharing (LUDV) valves: modular RS20 platform from Rexroth

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01.05.2019 11:00


No compromises when it comes to operating life and robustness – this was the basic principle when coming up with the new design. With a maximum flow of 300 l/min per section, the RS20 platform from Rexroth achieves an even lower pressure loss compared to its mono block M7 20 and M6 22 predecessors. At the same time, the sandwich plate design allows any combination of small and large valve sections. As a result, the specific flow can be provided for each actuator in mobile machines. Manufacturers can match the sections to ensure that their requirements are optimally met.

For over 20 years, manifolds from Bosch Rexroth have performed reliably in mobile applications. As an alternative and successor to the established M7 20 and M6 22 ranges, the company will present the new RS20 platform concept at the bauma 2019. The consolidated platform marks the transition from the mono block to the flexible sandwich plate design. For the first time, it allows machine manufacturers to combine different sections to main control valves for 13-17 t mobile and tracked excavators as well as 20-50 t wheeled loaders and bulldozers. Further areas of application include material handling, mobile cranes, forklifts and drilling machines. The number and arrangement of the functional slices, even those of different sizes and with different control technology, make it possible to control various applications flexibly at all times. 

The new concept caters for changing market requirements and offers new opportunities for the manufacturers of mobile machines. Functions which previously had to be installed separately can now be integrated into the main control valve. These include a stabilization module, bypass priority module or an anti-drift valve. The pump and return channels pass through the entire manifold without diversions or constrictions. The sealing surfaces between the individual sections are designed to prevent leakage from the inside to the outside. Thanks to the sandwich plate design, the new concept offers even better pressure resistance compared to its mono block predecessors.

 The new concept not only gives machine manufacturers greater freedom when configuring main control valves. The future-proof design also allows them to integrate functions which go along with future market requirements. Electronified components such as Rexroth’s new A10VOH variable displacement pump can be integrated at any configuration level. The RS20 platform is ideal when it comes to gradually integrating functions which are to be controlled electro-hydraulically now or in the future. Combinations with the existing RS15 platform are also possible.

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