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Bosch Rexroth will supply Hägglunds drive systems for the world?s largest bucket wheel reclaimer

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05.04.2019 9:11


Bosch Rexroth is proud to be selected by thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Australia as the supplier of the bucket wheel drive system for the largest-ever rail-mounted bucket wheel reclaimer. Featuring an ore-moving capacity of 20,000 t/h, the bucket wheel reclaimer will be installed at the new BHP South Flank iron ore mine in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Bosch Rexroth will deliver the bucket wheel drive system to thyssenkrupp Industrial solutions, who will design, supply, construct and commission the record-breaking machine. The drive system will be based on Bosch Rexroth’s well-proven Hägglunds hydraulic direct drive technology, which offers high power density and a flexible drive layout that is well suited to bucket wheel reclaimers. The system will utilize the largest hydraulic motor ever built, the Hägglunds CBm 8000.

In addition to the bucket wheel drive system, Bosch Rexroth will supply Hägglunds drive systems for the slew function on both the bucket wheel reclaimer and two stacker machines at the same mine site. Each slew drive will comprise four Hägglunds CB motors with torque arms and brakes.

“Bucket wheel reclaimers are among the most popular applications worldwide for our larger Hägglunds motors and direct drive systems,” says Uno Sundelin, Manager, Mining & Materials Handling, Hägglunds Products. “We highly value this opportunity from thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions to apply our largest Hägglunds motor in a truly exceptional installation.”

Hägglunds hydraulic direct drive systems provide the high torque needed for bucket wheel reclaimers, but they deliver it with exceptionally low weight and a high degree of flexibility. It is only the lightweight hydraulic motor that is mounted on the boom to drive the wheel shaft, while the drive unit with electric motors and pumps can be situated in a more central position on the machine. In many cases, this lets equipment manufacturers eliminate steel bulk and counterweight, which results in a leaner, more agile and more fuel-efficient bucket wheel reclaimer.

In operation, Hägglunds hydraulic direct drives supply end users with further advantages, such as precise speed control and built-in torque limitation in overload conditions. On a bucket wheel reclaimer, these advantages support safer and more efficient material handling, for example by letting operators adjust to environmental circumstances and the specific materials being handled.

At BHP South Flank, the rail-mounted bucket wheel reclaimer will be used to handle iron ore that will be transported by train to Port Hedland. With the first ore production targeted for 2021, the site will have an expected output of roughly 80 million metric tons per year, making it one of the biggest iron ore operations in the world.

“Bosch Rexroth solutions can be found in mining and material handling operations all around the globe,” says Uno Sundelin. “It feels especially appropriate that our largest Hägglunds motor to date, the Hägglunds CBm 8000, will be serving one of the largest mining projects ever.”

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