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Connected solutions and new innovations for improved tire production

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09.03.2019 13:33


With connected solutions and innovative products, rubber and tire manufacturers can improve their productivity potential. Bosch Rexroth provides complete solutions throughout the production chain for rubber and tire manufacturers.

With new products and intelligent systems and functions they help increase their availability and uptime of production systems. Based on open standards, the solutions can be integrated into connected environments without additional effort. 

Hägglunds direct drives: solutions with power to improve

Power-intensive mixing and milling processes are at the beginning of the tire manufacturing value chain. The compact Hägglund's direct drives from Bosch Rexroth provide powerful and flexible independent drives for individual rotors and rollers. With their possibility for infinitely variable speed and friction they provide tire manufacturers with the possibility to optimize their productivity and performance. With the world's shortest stopping angle and an optional reversing function, Hägglunds direct drives also ensure maximum safety for employees and machines. 

Hägglunds CMp offers a holistic approach for condition-based monitoring with analytics and predictive maintenance. The solution uses machine learning and ODiN analytics tool to create an accurate health index for the drive system. When a divergence from the index is spotted, Bosch Rexroth experts interpret the cause and recommend actions to keep the system running. 

CytroBox: Efficiency in a complete package

With the latest generation of hydraulic power units, Cytrobox, users can reduce hydraulic energy consumption when vulcanising tyres by up to 80 percent. The ready-to-connect units use their own intelligence to control the speed of the pump motors as required and integrate seamlessly into networked environments with open interfaces. CytroBox units cover the power range from 7.5 kW to 30 kW and combine the latest technologies in a compact design. As a result, they only require half the floor space and only 25 percent of the oil volume previously required. 

Linear movements: Free choice of technology

For powerful linear movements, Rexroth offers a wide range of energy-efficient self-sufficient axes with a free choice of drive technology. As ready-to-connect assemblies, self-sufficient axes are precisely matched and tested complete solutions from the mains connection to the piston rod. 

The compact electromechanical EMC-HD cylinders are particularly suitable for guiding and pressing processes in tire production. Parameters for force, position and travel speed can be freely set by the user and flexibly adapted to new tasks at any time via the drive system. Engineering tools such as LinSelect simplify the selection process of the actuator and avoid errors due to automatic plausibility checks.

Tyre handling robot with connection to IoT

A Rexroth solution package for tire handling robots combines economical motion control with a new operating concept. A standard tablet is sufficient for safe teaching and graphic-supported programming. Bosch Rexroth has developed an adaptive holder with combined enabling and emergency stop buttons for this purpose. The basic package also includes compact servo motors and drives. As a complete solution, Rexroth also offers the matching mechanics including grippers and linear modules with belt or ball screw drives as well as an IT security solution. The IoT Gateway software provides the data connection to higher-level IT systems. It collects all relevant data for continuous process improvement, for example through condition monitoring and condition-based maintenance. Communication standards such as OPC UA simplify integration into user-specific IoT systems. 

Bosch Rexroth at Tire Technology Expo: Hall 21, Booth 10050

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