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New embedded control XM42: High-performance for all tasks

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07.01.2019 12:11


Rexroth is expanding its control system family in the upper performance range with the introduction of its new embedded control XM42. The high-performance hardware can take on demanding control tasks across all types of technology. Short internal cycle times optimize process speed. With just one embedded hardware users can now automate concepts for which they previously needed several controls. It supports all major communication protocols and, thanks to the integrated OPC UA server and Rexroth’s Open Core Interface, is ready for use in connected environments.

The XM42 is based on the latest dual core chip technology and is therefore a high-performance control. Depending on the complexity of the application in question, the internal cycle time achieves peak values of minimum 0.25 ms. In combination with real-time I/O modules, machine manufacturers can use it to unlock as-yet-untapped potential, shorten cycle times and improve machining quality. The control has been specifically designed for use in tough environments. It is not sensitive to shocks or vibrations and boasts a high degree of electromagnetic compatibility. It can be used within a temperature range of -25°C to +50°C without fan and up to +60°C with fan. Together with the expandable communication, function and I/O modules, it forms a universal end-to-end control system. The battery for periods without power lasts for seven days and can be easily replaced.

As standard hardware for PLC, CNC, motion control, robotics and hydraulics applications, the XM42 is setting new performance benchmarks for embedded controls. It is comparable to industrial PC-based control solutions and, in the CNC solution MTX, controls up to 250 axes. The XM42 decouples hardware and software in the motion control solution MLC. Simply by using software packages, users can scale up the number of controlled axes to up to 64, 128 or 192, as necessary. In initial applications, machine manufacturers have been able to considerably simplify system architectures with the XM42 as, instead of two controls, they only require one. This reduces the complexity of the wiring and the commissioning and also reduces system costs.

The new control fits in seamlessly with Rexroth’s XM family in terms of handling. Commissioning and engineering can be done via a web browser-based interface. From there, users can initialize the control and use tools to enable simplified device handling. Machine manufacturers can also independently program functions in high-level languages with the Open Core Interface software technology. These functions access the XM42 in parallel to the PLC.

In addition to Sercos, EtherCAT I/O and a multi-Ethernet interface on board, additional communication modules for all major protocols increase flexibility and long-term availability. With the integrated OPC UA client/server, the embedded control is ready for use in connected environments and the Internet of Things.

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