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Launch of zinc nickel flat face quick couplings - Fluiconnecto

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14.07.2018 11:01


Fluiconnecto is pleased to announce that Manuli Hydraulics now supplies the following items in the Q.Safe Flat Face quick couplings range with a Zinc Nickel coating:

  • MQS-FH - Flat Face High Pressure
  • MQS-FP - Flat Face Connectible Under Pressure
  • MQS-FS - Flat Face Screw Type

As mentioned by the manufacturer, Manuli Hydraulics, this coating improves the corrosion resistance of the couplings by up to 300% and is available as standard and at no extra cost.

Find below some key information about this important upgrade, also available at Manuli’s Technical Bulletin.


One of the cornerstones of the Manuli product range, the Q.Safe range of flat face quick couplings was developed with one clear goal in mind - to push the boundaries of what can be achieved by production model quick couplings.

With its exceptional hydrodynamic performance, the Q.Safe Flat Face range is recognized globally as the Gold Standard in flat face coupling design. But even perfection can be improved upon, so going forward the Q.Safe Flat Face range will have several significant improvements:

  • Female connectable under residual pressure - Affecting both the standard (MQS-F) and heavy-duty (MQS-FH) ranges, this upgrade allows connection to the female coupling with up to 6 MPa of residual pressure still in the system. This is a significant added value which will allow users to save valuable time and effort when changing tools on their appliances.
  • Zinc Nickel (ZiNi) coating - We have also upgraded the corrosion protection plating on the heavy-duty (MQS-FH), male connectable under pressure (MQSFP) and screw type (MQS-FS) flat face coupling ranges. Instead of the standard trivalent chrome (Cr3+) plating that is used across the rest of the Q.Safe range, we have upgraded the plating to Zinc Nickel (ZiNi). This upgrade provides up to three times the corrosion resistance of the Cr3+ coating, allowing up to 720 hours to red rust under salt spray conditions.
  • MQS-F 90° version - Finding the optimum position for quick couplings on vehicles can be tricky, especially on equipment that uses multiple tools, such as skid steers. Sometimes the hose routing necessary for a particular implement just doesn’t allow for a standard straight quick coupling. In these cases, it is often necessary to change the orientation of the hose connection to the coupling. Q.Safe Flat Face 90° quick couplings are the perfect solution for this type of situation, as well as for those where space is restricted and a straight coupling just won’t fit. Available in 3/8” and 1/2” sizes, these couplings are a great addition to the MQS-F product range.


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