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The next generation of Linear Modules: fit for one-point lubrication and challenging applications

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27.11.2017 9:00


The third generation of MKK and MKR Linear Modules from Rexroth provides a considerably expanded range of equipment options for the familiar space-saving dimensions of the previous series. The ready-to-install linear axes are ready to be connected to the one-point lubrication systems. In the corrosion resistant versions, hard chrome plated ball screw drives and ball rails ensure a high resistance to chemicals.

The Linear Module consists of an anodized aluminum profile body with integrated ball rails and the option of a ball screw drive or a belt drive. Rexroth provides both drive types in the new generation, initially in sizes 65, 80 and 110. They are interchangeable with previous versions in the same dimensions and do not require large constructive adjustments. As ready-to-install assemblies, Linear Modules reduce the construction and installation effort in all types of machines and systems.

Rexroth addresses the industry-wide trend of automating maintenance work with one-point lubrication systems and thus increasing the life of the axes with a comprehensive lubrication concept. The corresponding components, ball screw drive and runner block are ready for one-point lubrication with liquid grease or oil. If the user is using their own lubricants, they can order the corresponding Linear Module components with only corrosion prevention and complete the initial lubrication for start-up by themselves. In the standard version, the manufacturer delivers the Linear Module with initial lubrication for ready to use.

In applications where increased corrosion resistance is required, the hard chrome plated ball screw drive, profiled rails and runner block resist NR can permanently withstand water and aggressive chemicals. Stainless-steel band covers with a new magnet profile enhance this resistance to media and increase the resistance to coolant/lubricants for example.

Rexroth delivers the ball screw drive variant of the Linear Module in lengths up to 5,400 mm. A screw support prevents vibrations at high rotational speeds from 4,000 mm onwards, and thereby increases the application window for highly dynamic uses. The Linear Modules with belt drive are available in lengths up to 9,400 mm.

The absolute measurement system IMS-A can be integrated into the modules in sizes 080 and 110. At the system start, it captures the exact position of the axis carriage directly and without a homing cycle. Using the incremental measuring principle, the IMS-A operates wear-free and is immune resistant to contamination and electric fields.

A new switch concept simplifies assembly and saves time. The magnetic field sensors for limit switches fit directly into the profile frame without additional mounting accessories so that no interfering contours are created. This means that the space-saving design is also retained in practice.

Two carriages with variable centerline-to-centerline distance also accommodate larger attachments with increased system rigidity. Centering holes in the carriages and frame simplify assembly because the use of centering rings produces a form-fitting connection and thus the adjustment work is substantially simplified.

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