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New functions without additional components

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19.11.2017 9:11


High Level Braking (HLB) from Bosch Rexroth reduces the braking distance, guarantees optimal driving stability and prevents the diesel engine from over-revving. Bosch Rexroth has now optimized this solution for the requirements of fork lift trucks. HLB for fork lift trucks is designed as an operating function for forward travel and reversing and does not require any additional components. 

A hydrostatic travel drive is required for High Level Braking. In High Level Braking, an algorithm uses the overcenter operation of the Rexroth hydraulic motors in a targeted manner and disperses the majority of the braking energy via the high-pressure valves of the axial piston variable pump A4VG. To this end, the pressure cut-off must be mapped electronically. Fork lift truck manufacturers can thus dispense with the usual additional components such as retarders and service brakes. This saves installation space and reduces complexity. 

In comparison with other applications, the fork lift truck brakes have a highly cyclical function. Frequent shunting movements, acceleration and braking are the norm. This is why HLB in fork lift trucks does not purely serve as an emergency braking function, but also has an operational function. It delivers the same braking performance in this application both when traveling forward and when reversing.

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