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Secure motion with collision control

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30.07.2017 9:00


Modern stage technology enables increasingly challenging motion sequences with numerous complex drives. These sequences often include multi-dimensional and interdependent motions.

A clear view on the drives is often restricted due to decoration and curtains. The two collision control modules of the SYB 3.0 stage control system developed by Rexroth assist technical personnel with challenging tasks.

Anti-collision system

The anti-collision system recognizes any potential collisions in advance and prevents the initiation of motions at the respective drives or stops any motions that are already in process. Collisions are prevented between drives and between drives and fixed structural components in compliance with safety integrity level 3. This system protects stage equipment from heavy damage due to collisions during set-up, rehearsals and shows.

Anti-collision assistant 

The function of the anti-collision assistant to support technical personnel can be compared to the parking assistant in a car. Personnel is warned of any potential collisions by visual feedback with various warning levels dependent on the speed and distance until collision. This is realized in real time either while the motion is in progress or even already during programming of the show. In this respect, all drives and decorations are monitored by the assistant.

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